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If a virus or malware has compromised your personal or business computer, your data could be at risk. Viruses and malware not only jeopardize the security of your business but can cause long-term financial issues, damage your brand reputation with customers or prospects and ultimately cripple your business if ransomware spreads across your network.

If your workstation is running slow or experiences random pop-ups, it’s time to bring in the experts at Designs King Texas to diagnose and remove malicious threats before your network is compromised.

Viru Removal


When the clock is ticking, network repair can’t wait.


Whether you're fighting printers that won’t respond, a slow network, computers not working, intermittent connectivity issues or a network hardware failure. Small problems in your network can become major issues that directly affect employee productivity, profitability, and undermine your business reputation.

We’ll troubleshoot your network and get your team back online quickly so you can focus on building your business, we’ll handle the IT.

Network Repair
Editing an Image



Keeping up with the latest and greatest in software on your home or business computer is often more trouble than it’s worth. Installing, configuring and securing the newest software suites can be more difficult than it appears – luckily, the experts at DSigns King can help.

- Windows 10

- Office 365 Suite Installation/Repair

- Anti Malwares Installation

- Anti Virus Installation

- Emails Set up: POP, IMAP, Exchange, etc.

- Design Softwares: Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.

Soft Installation


Does your computer run slowly, take forever to start up or have a sluggish Internet connection? Do you need the help of a professional to get your software, hardware or new computer up and running? DSigns King can help, with PC and Laptop Repair services available to residential customers like you.

By addressing the issues with your PC or laptop, we can take actions as minor as adjusting your settings and preferences, or use more involved techniques including necessary maintenance or installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling software.

Motherboard Installation
PC & Laptop Repair
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